Saturday, 24 July 2010


Two of my great "poet" friends have been honored with an award from The Versatile Blogger -- so well-deserved!

I met Marie Elena and Walt through a poetry challenge, a couple of Aprils ago. It was so great to write and share words and lines of poetry over many months, even beyond the National Poetry Month itself.
Eventually, these two talented poets came up with an ingenious idea to share their growing-up-along-Lake Erie experiences and childhood memories in a blog they have cleverly named Across the Lake, Eerily. (Check it out!)
As a southwestern Ontario poet, more closely aligned with memories of Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, I have felt a Great Lakes kinship with these two wordsmiths.
Both poets are prolific in writing about so many aspects of the growing-up years: cousins and playgrounds and beaches; holidays and sports; music (yeah, Beatles!) and heritage. At the same time, they are also generous in sharing their encouragement, humor, empathy with so many other poets.
As Anne of Green Gables would say, I am certainly glad to have met these
"kindred spirits" from south of the border and another of the Lakes-so-Great!


Marie Elena said...

THIS is where I meant to post. It's been "one of those days," Patricia! lol!

What a kind tribute, Patricia! You know the respect ripples both ways ... across the lake, and across the border. Raising my virtual glass to you!

Per gli amici! (To friends!)

Marie Elena

P-A-McGoldrick said...

Thanks again!
I know what you mean about one of those days.
Half way through my response to the award, I accidentally deleted everything!!!! Not so funny because I couldn't undo the action. Oh well, back to square one, it was.

Mary said...

Nice to meet you through Walt and Marie Elena and Walt... I will be checking in with your blog periodically, and I thank you for visiting mine too!