Friday, 27 January 2012


Friday finish, it is!

Busy week with quite a bit happening in the writing sphere.

As January moves along, I am continuing to write small stone, poems that capture a small moment in the everyday--just my cup of tea.
Today, this morning was an absolute winter wonderland, enabling me to continue with some poems from the deck perspective and views from our main floor window that overlooks the back yard.  
Red cardinal on snowy morn!

I took some photos from the deck but I, also, was inspired by the view that shone throughout the screen and window pane. Wrote a wee poem for the day. (still the after-effects of Robbie Burns Day) 

January 27

Red cardinal,
crafted by an artisan,
what do you see                                                              as you peer 

through our window screen
on this snowy white January day?

Just a few more thoughts before signing off for the weekend.
A hearty welcome to the most recent subscribers to my blog--enjoy!
Also, a huge thanks to all who completed the little survey about Writing times. Hope to share the results on Monday, along with some added info about the topic.

This weekend looks like a good time to continue with one of my winter reads, or snow reads, as one of my blogger friends writes. 
Best weekend to all 
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Joanne said...

Now that's a very happy window to look out of.

I think I have to change the name of Snow Reads. We have no snow this winter, and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s! Yikes, where'd winter go?

Kerry O'Connor said...

You have captured a moment's passing thought - bright as the little bird.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Joanne: Actually, winter has been a bit off and on this year, here too! Knowing this area, though, I'm sure we will get some more of that white coating!

Kerry: What a phrase to capture my poem!

annie said...


Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

thanks, Annie!