Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Just had to share a glimpse of these pink tulips, a Valentine's gift that will be great to transfer to the garden for renewed blooms next year!

They are beautiful, a wisp of Spring????

The January poetry challenge is over & I have finally compiled the poems with some related photos into a small chapbook, entitled From the Deck .

Today, in Canada, it is time to celebrate the anniversary of our red-and-white flag, first officially flown in 1965. Before the actual flag was chosen, much debate occurred.
Some wanted to retain more of the British tradition; others looked for a newer image. I, personally, am glad for the choice that was made. It has come to symbolize so much about our country.

Well, time to check out that hockey game--the Habs are
facing tough competition from the Boston Bruins. Lots of flags being waved in the arena. Take care!  

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Joanne said...

Happy Flag Day!

I had to Google Habs to see which team that was, I hadn't heard of them ... Hope the Canadiens won :)

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Thanks, Joanne!
Sadly, the Habs lost in overtime. :(