Friday, 3 February 2012


February is well under way!

Unlike most years, the snow is sparse and the Ontario scene is looking rather spring-like.
One sign of spring is the renewal of trees and plants that I see in the garden and yard, even in houseplants.

Trees, to me, are a barometer of how well we are treating our planet. The International Year of Trees just ended but, hopefully, people will use their renewed awareness to safeguard these lifelines. 
Tree art!
These amazing structures provide so much beauty and sustenance.
I have always been an ardent fan of maples and evergreens and, best of all, birches. I think that is why I like to see these trees of art on the wall above the piano. Joyce Kilmer's poem about Trees (see link below), memorized in school, captured so much about them. 

Trees have seeped into my  reading & writing, of course, in blogs, poems, essays. In fact this week, I was inspired to write a small poem after finding a wee bit of tree on the ground. I posted it on my other blog--there is a link below to my "Found Poem" if you wish to check it out.

Another sign of renewal is happening right here in a corner of the living room. 
This photo of a shamrock plant in revival mode is a hopeful sign, one that my Mother and her sisters used to nurture on the window-sills of their houses in the winter. 
To be honest, as a young person, I wondered why they would be so proud of this floral disaster in January of very cold, snowy winters. Then, lo and behold, by February & March, there would be a phoenix-like blossoming gem on the sill, a tonic to boost our spirits until the snow really melted. 
This plant in my photo is about half-way back from hibernation, with more growth to come.

Well, that's about it for another week!

Have a "super" weekend! 

Yes, pun was intended by this not-so-much-a-football fan. Usually catch the half-time show; sadly, no Bruce this year!

Have a good one! 
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Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

I've seen little green thingys coming up here in Santa Fe, and I've advised them to go back underground a while longer! We got snowed upon today, so winter is not over, but those little green bits of hope make us think spring is not far off.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Melissa Ann, I agree about the premature spring. Probably why we are drawn to these bits of green!

Joanne said...

We have a very large pine tree in our backyard, and the other day a large hawk sat on the lowest branch for awhile. It looked like it was watching me prepare dinner through the kitchen window! Unfortunately the tree is scheduled to be cut down because it split in our October snowstorm and is no longer safe, or healthy :(

Little snow since that odd storm, though. Maybe some snow will "touch-down" in February! (Pun intended.)

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Joanne--Hawks are so huge when you see them up close! Too bad about your tree. Will you replant a fast-growing tree or leave the space?
I imagine that we will get more snow, too!
Have a great weekend!

Phyllis Humby said...

Each tree seems to have its own character. I love taking pictures of our trees-recording the changes with each season. Spring may not be far off but it seems we have had very little winter. A good covering of snow only once so far. Crazy! I get most of my writing done during the wintry days. Come spring, the trees manage quite nicely on their own but the gardens cry for attention. I am hoping spring holds off for just a wee bit longer.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Phyllis, I so agree about the character of trees! It is fascinating how they change with seasons. I think that is why this artwork appealed to me when I saw it in a little gallery in Bayfield . The artist designed the so that the middle tree stands out from the other two, giving dept like a true stand of trees!
Have a great word-filled day!