Wednesday, 23 May 2012


This past weekend was a warm one! July heat in May suggested that it was time to check out a movie. For me, summer time is movie time! The colourful orange, gold and pinks in this weekend's selection were a great follow-up to planting some flowers and veg/ herbs.  

If you are looking for a bit of escape from the heat or rain in the next couple of days, you might want to check out two recent films: 
For many of us, these movies are, to say the least, a change of scenery. The scenery and colours of settings transport viewers from British locales to desert environs of the Yemen and the intense hustle and bustle of a vibrant India.
No spoilers here, but these movies, also, are basic stories. They are filled with characters living lives of various stages and circumstances. Human nature in all its glory and sadness, prejudice and empathy, comes across in the story lines of both films.  

As most reviews will mention, the Marigold movie is definitely targeting the over-30(50) market. For the first time, the local small theatre that we frequent was sold out for the Monday matinee! The Yemen film will appeal more to that age group, as well. 

Having seen these two films, think I will check out some pink petunias on the deck. Have a great day!

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