Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Funny how things go! Several days ago, I was downloading some photos from my camera to the computer. When I started to edit them, I noticed this small wispy rainbow fragment in the midst of those white clouds. That set me to thinking about some of those small life fragments in my memory.

As yesterday was Picnic Day, I realized that I had memories of quite a few "picnic" fragments & it got me to thinking about some of the picnics that have been a big part of my life.

The first real picnic that I recall is a parish picnic celebrated at a beautiful campgrounds called MaryLake, for relevant reasons. I don't remember much about it other than the fact that we, children, had lots of fun attending.

2012 JUNE 7
The second picnic memory for me is the annual July 1st garden party picnic supper. Again, it was sponsored by the parish with all the traditional food prep being done by the women of the parish--this was back in the 60s! It was probably spear-headed by the Catholic Women's League members, my Mother included.
All I recall about the organizational aspect was the fact that the tables were divided
into 4(?) long rows of picnic tables, covered with cloths or paper sheets. One or two women were in charge of each aisle of tables with a crew of several women and teenage girls contributing the constant updates of food, drink and removal of used dishes.
It was a mammoth task but one that the whole village & surrounding rural area looked forward to celebrating with family & neighbours on Canada's birthday. I think that pay-what-you-pull raffle tickets were sold by all for a draw in the evening. Bingo games and a fish-tank pond added to the fun.

I recall, as well, the due diligence of my Mother as she baked scores of pies & biscuits, etc. to take as part of her contribution for the day. Believe me, it was a challenge to leave the houseful of 8 children with all that delicious food!

Picnics were always special! Here, in Ontario, they provided a chance to enjoy the great outdoors during our relatively short summer. At home, thanks to the shade of a huge maple tree, many picnic suppers were eaten outdoors during the summer.

Over the years, picnicking in Stratford, on the beautiful grounds of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival was a memorable site as well.

Finally, when the children were young, we would dine at the picnic table in the backyard or take a picnic hamper with us on the long drive to holiday destinations. I often set out a tablecloth on the floor to have an indoor picnic. It was fun for all and we did not have to worry about the weather or ants!

Do you have any picnic memories? Please share in a comment--would be great to read!

On a last good news note here, I will share a link to my Father's Day poem that was published on Sunday-- Glory Days in Schomberg . Seems like another fragment, a good fit with this picnic post!

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pve design said...

I have a basket for picnics, a blanket and inside is a plastic liner for ice.....I loved going on picnics with my children and finding a shady tree.
We have movie night in our park which is sort of like a picnic....lots of fun for all.

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

These moments create a lot of good memories, for sure.
Thanks for sharing, Patricia!