Monday, 29 July 2013


Done! Major decluttering operation is complete!

In this Simplify your Life Week, I am celebrating the achievement of rediscovering my writing room with a team effort of sorting/tossing/recycling a roomful of paper, craft supplies, books, etc.

Have to say, it is wonderful to create space along with organization of materials. Yes, I realize that, as I compose this post, certain blog followers are grinning from ear to ear; however, I thought it best to be upfront with this milestone, even at the risk of knowing their response. :)

Now it is time to move on to some writing projects with a renewed energy!

That being said, it is clear that the perennial garden has peaked for this summer. The recent heat wave, it seems, caused the plants to fast track--blooms were great while they lasted.

Possibly will have some blooms again in late August with asters and mums.

Thankfully, the balloon flowers are blooming later than usual this summer. Here is a glimpse of these little gems.

Have a great week!

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Hannah said...

Oh, this is most inspiring and daunting I have too many spaces that need rediscovering...if I could only just get started. :/

Glad you wrote about it and that your space is feeling rejuvenated.

Beautiful images, Patricia!

Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

Thanks, Hannah!!!
Yes, it is great to have this space--freed and open! The team effort included a holidaying husband who contributed his 50 % to the project.
Glad you liked the photos. Balloon flowers were new to me for a perennial choice. They fascinate me with their structure.
By the way, Hannah, I admire the way you write so frequently as a young Mom. I tried to do that 20-some years ago when my children were young but rarely could I manage to do so.
Take care! :)

MarmePurl said...

Another flower I am not familiar with. I too like the structure of your balloon flower. I need to keep that one in mind when I expand my perennial borders.

Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

It is fun to see these little balloons open into flowers! Mine are growing well in a semi-shaded area--2-3 feet high. Neighbour's balloon flowers are a much lighter, almost white, shade. Enjoy!