Friday, 5 July 2013


I always like the first week of July--Canada celebrates our nation's  birthday on July 1 and our American neighbour celebrates on the 4th.  

There are countless reasons to celebrate the birthdays of our two countries--good neighbours and friends. The relationship has been tested at times but, overall, has been a happy and supportive one.

Growing up in southwestern Ontario, and probably, in most parts of Canada, we see economic ties between our countries. This is easily reflected in a random collection of pennies gathered around our household. Even though the Canadian coin has been discontinued from production, it is clear in my photos, that many of these "copper" pennies are still around. As I looked at this small collection, almost a dollar's worth, many Lincoln's were mixed in with the Elizabeth II coins.

Other connections through travel, shopping, entertainment and sports events, all speak to the sharing that exists between our two nations.

Thought I would share a link from the American embassy as the celebratory fireworks are subsiding. The importance and strength of our relationship with the United States has been highlighted in the speeches of politicians for decades, especially in words spoken by various Presidents. Take a look if you wish at 
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