Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Last weekend, it was time for one of those movie and dinner combos.

All is Lost was the title of choice and we were not disappointed. The character, Old Man, is played by
Robert Redford who still has that acting talent so evident in his earlier films.

The 77-year old Redford is capable of carrying the show in this story of a man lost in the midst of the Indian Ocean. No spoilers here; suffice it to way that Redford faces many challenges.The film is worth seeing.

The movie will stay with you, I guarantee, along with the hauntingly beautiful theme song, "Amen" by Alexander Ebert. You can listen to it on YouTube or check it on iTunes.

The wind is blowing fiercely, hopefully, to blow away the cold temperatures!

The evergreen trees are laden with numerous cones, weighted down, despite the wind. Will it be a harsh winter? I wonder.

Have a great November week!

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