Saturday, 18 January 2014


Ever have one of those days? 
2014 January Mini!
Well, Friday (not the thirteenth) was the one for me! The full moon was waning but I still had "one of those days".

Really, it started back on Thursday, when I was enjoying a cuppa Decaf Tetley tea and watching an American show called The Chew. This show, mostly on the lighter side of things, is good for a few laughs, some food tips and recipes, and frequent guests.

In that particular episode, Carla Hall, one of the 5-member hosts, provided instructions on how to bake her childhood favourite, Sausage and Peppers Skillet pizza in a cast-iron frying pan. It looked relatively easy to make, with the recipe outlined on their website for a second look.

This would be great for Friday night supper! I'll just take out that pizza dough that I have stored in the freezer, let it thaw overnight, and all will be ready to go, come dinner-time.

Friday morning, after spilling my coffee-filled favourite green mug on the floor, I peaked at the dough resting in a covered bowl. All is well, I thought, then I went on my merry way. 

I had a few errands to run within a couple of kilometres from home. After taking back some curtain panels at a local store, picking up a few grocery items, I headed home for lunch.

With that contented feeling of "job done", I unloaded some grocery bags from the trunk of the car and carried them to the side door. Holding two, yes two, bags in each hand, I tried to unlock the door. Suddenly, with a rip and a tear followed by breaking glass and metal soup cans falling on the concrete step, I was splattered with spots of red tomato sauce. In the freezing cold, I gathered up the bloodied glass shards, wrapped them in some paper to put in the garbage. Then I washed off the soup cans and proceeded to the kitchen for lunch. 

First, however, before making that mid-day meal, I took another peak at the pizza dough. Ooo, yuck, I muttered as I looked at a milky lake of creamy, speckled mush. Alas, frozen pizza dough has an uncanny similarity to French vanilla ice cream. I had mistaken the latter for the former. What now?

I could buy some fresh pizza dough at a nearby store or I could change the menu entirely. With all other ingredients lined up on the counter, I thought that I should just persevere, stay with the chosen menu. After all, I still had about 3 hours. That meant that I could haul out the bread-making machine. drop in some flour and yeast, etc.

Two hours later, I had delicious dough just waiting for the pizza toppings. I followed the instructions for assembling the pizza in my trusty cast-iron pan which neatly fits into the energy-efficient toaster oven.

The finished product, slightly modified from the TV version, was delicious, receiving a thumbs-up from my husband who thought that this rustic pizza would have a great appeal with the family.

Lessons learned on one of those days:

  • Check the landing surface for coffee mugs.
  • Set down the groceries before trying to unlock a door.
  • Label and double-check the contents of freezer packages.
Have a great weekend, All!

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