Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Not a new topic but one that garners a bit of attention each year.
What is it about summer that brings to mind a favorite read or the need to visit a bookstore/library to stock up on a few books?
Whatever the inspiration, it is time to think about what I want to read this summer.
Type: Fiction is my first choice, followed by Poetry
Category: Historical fiction, Romance, Essays, Poetry, Short Stories
Specific Titles: Empty House, The Shell Seekers--starting with some oldies but goodies as I still have to make that trip to the library/bookstore
Favorite Authors: Rosamunde Pilcher, Susanna Kearsley, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Carol Shields
All-time favorite book: Little Women
All-time favorite author(s): Rosamunde Pilcher, Brian Moore

For all bloggers, what do you wish to read?

Small survey of #30blog participants:

TYPE: Fiction, Non-fiction, Short stories, Poetry, Other

CATEGORY: Bio, Romance, Mystery, History, Science Fiction, Other





Appreciate responses form #blog 30 participants. Depending on responses will try to get back with some results. Maybe I will have some ideas for you for a good summer read!


Pam Houghton said...

I love fiction, non-fiction and memoir. Don't read much poetry or short stories. I also love biographies and autobiographies.

My favorite authors: well, I love Frank McCourt's three memoirs - Angela's Ashes, Tis and Teacher Man. I like Alice Hoffman and that author of The Lovely Bones, but her name escapes me.

All-time favorite book is probably Angela's Ashes because I laughed, I cried, I did everything you could possibly do in response to a book.

Fave author - I don't know!

Unknown said...

Yes, the late Frank McCourt had a way with words in his memoirs. Angela's Ashes was quite a journey.
On the fiction side of things, I like to re-read Rosamunde Pilcher's stories and a short novel Empty House. Her Shell Seekers was worth a second read as well.
Thanks for the list!

jowrites said...

In the summer I love nonfiction, fiction, essays, and short stories, and poetry. Ok I like everything.
I enjoy history, memoir, bio, and the eccentric, philosophy, Eastern thought.
Specific Titles I highly recommend for summer: Alan Watts--The Book: The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are; Lord of the Flies (every summer); She's Come Undone--Wally Lamb; Agaat--by Marlene Van Niekerk; Pride & Prejudice; Treasure Island; Outlander--Diana Gabaldon; Walt Whitman--Song of Myself; anything by Emerson; Norman Mailer--The Spooky Art of Writing (there's so many more)!
Other favorite authors--Tolstoy, Alice Munro, ***Aimee Bender (an excellent summer choice), Hula by Lisa Shea**.
All-time favorite book: Treasure Island, I Know This Much Is True (Lamb), Steinbeck's East of Eden, The Yacoubian Building (best summer read choice I think), The Madonna of Excelsior (GREAT!!!!!), The Pick Up--by Nadine Gordimer, The Idiot--Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anna Karenina, Carry Me Like Water--Benjamin Alire Saenz; Kenko's essays

All-time favorite author: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Swift,Steinbeck, Aimee Bender,Nadine Gordimer, Susan Minot, Joan Didion, Anthony Doerr (story: Village 113), Alan Watts, Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Jane Austin, Alice Munro, Shakespeare's The Tempest, Faulkner, Carlos Fuentes, Gorges Luis Borges (Shakespeare/Everything & Nothing).

The 3 Summer Winners for me:
1. The Madonna of Excelsior
--Zakes Mda
2. The Yacoubian Building
--Alaa Al-Aswamy
3. Agaat
--Marlene Van Niekerk

Unknown said...

Hello Amy!
Thanks for such an extensive list!