Thursday, 22 July 2010


I have written about this topic a couple of times, most extensively at

As I begin another book, it occurred to me that authors,sometimes, engage their readers quickly while others take longer to interest their readers.

I have started to read a novel by Elizabeth Berg--she is a talented writer who is able to draw in her readers right at the start, page one.
If an author does not catch my attention within the first few pages, rarely, will I continue to read their book. Now, I have a question to ponder.

Survey question
How many pages will you read before you give up on a summer read?
  • 1-5?
  • 6-10?
  • 11 or more?
  • Do you skip to the ending?
Let me know in a comment.

This summer reads survey is the post for today!


Pam Houghton said...

Wow, this is similar! Great minds think alike, eh? Well, I think you know my answer... :-) It varies!

Unknown said...

Interesting how things work!
Such a beautiful day here. Spent most of the afternoon reading a paperback novel by Elizabeth Berg--story of a woman who turned 50, has a teen daughter, decides to go on a road trip by herself from Michigan or Wisconsin to Minnesota, thus far. Not sure when she will turn around the car and head towards home. She has sent some letters to her understanding husband along the way as she meets a variety of people. She managed to get my interest within the first 2 pages!

Pam Houghton said...

I enjoy her books - and I own several. She does a nice of job detailing real human relationships. If you lived closer, I'd loan them to you! :-) Fun and interesting reading.

Unknown said...

Just finished this mid-90s book called The Pull of the Moon. I can see why I liked her later books so much as she is such a good writer--agree about the details! Maybe it goes back to her nurse training. I really liked The Art of Mending.