Wednesday, 20 October 2010


It is a beautiful autumn day! The sun is shining. Leaves are falling in all shapes and colors--red, yellow, orange, brown. The sky is just powdery blue with some sketchy white clouds.
Rain is in the forecast--much later in the day!

Just read a great post
about one of my favorite teen reads--Mary Stewart !
Yes, she was the author of several best-selling King Arthur novels plus numerous others.

When I saw the author's name in today's blog post title, I had to read further. I was not disappointed in the post and in the observation that Mary Stewart's books have stood the test of time.

That started me thinking about my autumn reads and I quickly decided that I am going to fall back, like the time, to a classic--a Mary Stewart book!

Where are you going to start for your autumn reads? Send me a comment with your first or second title!

Is Mary Stewart on your list?

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Sheila Atwood said...

Thanks for the insight on Mary Stewart. I will be checking here out for my granddaughter.

I was a big Trixie Beldon mysteries fan when I was young. My sisters loved Nancy Drew.

It will be fun to check out a new writer.

Unknown said...

Great Sheila!
Mary Stewart's King Arthur stories had a quality that captured my imagination as a teen. Looking forward to re-reading!

By the way, from the U.S., Little Women was one of my favorites--with 3 sisters and an early ambition to write, Alcott's characters sure appealed to me! I read Nancy Drew, too!
Anne of Green Gables was my Canadian favorite!

Joanne said...

I like that idea of falling back for our autumn reads. I'm not actually reading anything right now, as I'm immersed in a writing project, as well as a paint/wallpaper project, both taking all my time. But you've given me something to think about for my next read, going back to reread a favorite.

Unknown said...

Joanne, whatever title you choose, enjoy that second look at one of your favorites.

Here, in Ontario, the wind is blowing so fiercely today that I think it would be a great day to make a pot of tea, find a comfortable chair, and start that re-read of Mary Stewart.